WCP Work Solutions

Peace of Mind for Management/Owners. 

One litigation can cost up to 50,000.00 and the potential scarred reputation is an additional financial risk.  Our team of Strategic Business Partners, including our in-house attorney, collaborate with you to keep you in compliance and out of court.

A Drama-Free Workplace for Employees. 

Our team of Strategic Business Partners is comprised of skilled mediators and coaches who serve as caring, impartial partners with your employees – partners they can trust and turn to when they have a work-related problem or dispute or if they need some support.  And, while they may not see us daily, we take a genuine interest in each employee we serve and are only a phone call, text, or email away.

HR Manager Partnership.  

Our team of Strategic Business Partners is here to collaborate with your existing HR personnel – offering fresh perspectives, new insights, and practical assistance to optimize your HR operations.  We never dictate policies and procedures, we derive solutions together with your team.